Interested in buying property in the capital of Adjara? Our team of professionals is at your service!

Buying a property is a responsible process that requires professional knowledge sand skills. Of all the variety that market of Georgia offers, it is not easy to find a suitable option that would fully satisfy all customer requirements.

The “NEW HOUSE Co., LTD” company specializes and provides services for finding and buying real estate in a short time, on favorable terms.

The main service of our company, of course, is real estate services and support of transactions when purchasing urban, suburban and commercial real estate.

Our company cooperates with many leading construction companies and developers of the Batumi city.

Clients, who are applying to our company, have the opportunity to make an introductory tour of under construction and already built real estate objects. You will be able to see and choose the best option for yourself, as well as determine the choice of property you are interested in.

Our consultants are always happy to answer any questions You may have regarding real estate. High quality standards allow us to be the best in our field. Competent opinions and recommendations of our company's employees are valued both, by clients and partners.

For each request of our clients, for the purchase of a particular property, our company approaches each buyer strictly individually, above all, taking into account all of its requirements and features. Search for property at the request of the buyer occurs in real time and the availability of current offers from developers and sellers.

We work on extremely favorable conditions for you and carry out an individual approach to each client. We have the most extensive database of real estate in Georgia.

All financial transactions and contract signing, our clients carry out directly with developers and property owners.

Thanks to active cooperation with foreign Real Estate Agencies, over 70% of our clients are foreign citizens.

With the help of our company, You can see new apartment in Batumi much earlier than as an independent searcher and, most likely, at a much more favorable price.

Note: When our clients are buying property, they are not paying additional costs, and we do not charge an excessive fee for the work done to conclude a successful transaction, and this is an important factor. Our commission is paid to us by the developer.




The country has undergone phenomenal changes over the past 15 years. One of the factors for the rapid growth of economy is ease of doing business.

More and more people from different countries of the world are choosing Georgia for permanent residence and buying property near the Black Sea.


  •  Lack of red tape;
  •  Low level of corruption;
  •  Low crime rate;
  •  Lack of requisitions and bribery;
  •  Guaranteed ownership;
  •  A simple procedure for the acquisition and registration of real estate;
  •  Favorable investment climate;
  •  No tax on the purchase of real estate for non-residents%
  •  Ease of doing business;
  •  The possibility of obtaining a residence permit and dual citizenship.

Today, hospitable Georgia is gaining popularity among investors from the countries, Europe, America and Asia, who are willing to invest in the purchase of real estate in Georgia. The national color of the country, its rich history, culture and traditions, constantly developing infrastructure make Georgia attractive both for buying real estate at home, for generating income from renting housing for tourists or resale it further.




Since prices for all types of real estate in Batumi are growing every year, this is a great way to create an additional source of profit. If you decide to rent out an apartment, the average income will be 7-13% per year. And if suddenly a large amount of money is urgently needed, You can always profitably sell an apartment, Your land plot or a house.




The variety of offers on the market allows you to choose object with the most convenient location. In Batumi, the infrastructure is well developed, as a rule, all the necessary facilities are within walking distance. At your service: schools, kindergartens, supermarkets, boutiques, restaurants and a variety of entertainment. In addition, most of the objects are located just 200-500 meters from the luxury beach, on the Black Sea coast.




In Batumi, the average cost per square meter in new buildings is from $ 400. And this is the price for housing in close proximity to the sea! On the secondary real estate market pricing policy is also quite flexible. Possible to buy real estate on credit or in installments. As a rule, investment like this pays off in 5-6 years.




Protecting the interests of our clients and their quality service are the most important tasks of our company - our priorities coincide with the priorities of our clients.





Unconditional fulfillment of contract conditions!